[sw-l] Underlining proper names in vertical columns...

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Jun 3 03:34:35 UTC 2005

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June 2, 2005

Mark Penner from Japan wrote:
> Hmmm. Not coming down one way or the other for underlining or against
> it, I do think we have something pretty close to that in English. We
> capitalize proper nouns. That sets them apart as a special kind of
> word.
> Since there is no way to "Capitalize" in SW, this might be one way
> to do
> the job.
> Perhaps a thin line for underlining wouldn't be confused with the
> shoulder-line...

Hello Mark, Stefan and Everyone -
First I want to apologize to everyone if I seem nervous...I have been
very nervous lately all the time...for other reasons other than
SignWriting itself. But I am doing better every day and I know I am
very lucky....

And I definitely am open to trying once again with the lines under
the proper names....I had problems before that I could not solve
years ago....

My previous experience is that the line would collide with both
punctuation and shoulder lines...I believe Stefan is writing the
SignWriting sentences horizontally, and this problem does not exist
horizontally...this is only a problem with the vertical writing...

Let's go back to the Goldilocks stories to see where the underlining
should be placed...like under the name Goldilocks...that is a proper
name...isn't that right?

But then, when I look at the title, I already have a double-
horizontal line under the proper name Goldilocks, but that means a
pause or a comma, so would I put the thin line under the name
Goldilocks anyway?...That would be three lines?....Wouldn't it get
confused with the comma?...

I will try that next message....Val ;-)

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