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Fri Jun 3 04:35:38 UTC 2005

Aha. In vertical Japanese, when you underline a sentence or word in a
book or on a page, your line goes to the side of the character(s), not
underneath it. That way it doesn't become part of the character. I don't
know that I recall seeing something printed that way to start with, but
thats how highlighting was done before the days of the fancy see-through
highlighting pens. Anyway, when you're writing columns, it would seem a
line on the side would be the natural way to "underline." (or do we need
to call it "sidelining"?  haha)

Anyway, attached is a Word document. I tried cutting and pasting the
example into this post, but it didn't come out verticle, as you can see


So if you want to see an example of Japanese underlining, open the
attached document.


Mark and Mary Esther Penner
Tokyo, Japan
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