[sw-l] Underlining proper names in vertical columns...

Lucyna Dlugolecka deafie at GMX.NET
Fri Jun 3 10:38:34 UTC 2005

My opinion on the proper name marks:
I think it is a very good idea but it would be best to invent another mark, different than lines. In some languages diacritics point out the accent or palatalization. For a fluent user of a language, for example - the Polish langauge - the diacritics are not necessary. People often do without them on Internet forums, in emails, SMS etc. as it is faster to write without them. But no books or newspapers are printed without diacritics, and in schools, missing a diacritic is considered as a mistake or an error. Sometimes there may be also a misunderstanding. For example:

łaska - grace

This same word written without the diacritic on "l":

laska - 1.walking stick, 2.chick, bird, 3. vulgarism I don't want to mention...

In the Polish Sign Language, when signing, people don't have to "underline" proper names, either. In a typical situation when one person is introducing another person to the third person, the proper name is signed and fingerspelt, for example (see attachment).

Of course, the introduction procedure can be also different but the introducing person always use fingerspelling to introduce proper names and in the same way it can be written in SW.

Sorry, I've not written anything I wanted but now I must go and see the dentist.


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