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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sat Jun 4 20:45:57 UTC 2005

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June 4, 2005

Lucyna Dlugolecka wrote:
> Val, I've got impression you didn't get what I had meant. I  
> understand yours and Stefan's rule but I don't see any need for  
> such a rule for Polish Sign Language. Instead, I see a need to  
> distinguish sign language synonyms, of which one is for a proper  
> name. Examples attached.
> 1. My family name means in English "of Long Meadow", so people name  
> me in PJM by a modified sign for LONG. Well, no line is needed here.
> 2. The sign for a CUP and for my friend Danka Mikulska is the same,  
> because her maiden name was Jakubowska, which sounded similar to  
> "kubek". So, the name Mikulska should be distinguished with the line.

Oh...I am sorry I misunderstood you...I think I understand better  
now. And I hope I can explain myself better now too.

I just invent the symbols, and then people who know the sign  
languages need to decide among themselves, what grammar points are  
necessary to write, and what is not necessary too...That part of the  
work requires knowledge of your language, and I would be afraid to  
impose my lack of knowledge on anyone...

So I have no rule!

I can see now, that in your case, you would like to use the  
underlining for something other than capitalization...and I  
personally think that is fine. Every country and language and culture  
will probably end up writing slightly differently, and I want to  
provide you with a tool that is flexible and useful to you...

For me personally, when I am transcribing from a video, I look at the  
movement and write it from a generic point of view, with hopes that  
later, people who know the sign language, will add the grammar  
details needed to make it a true written language...

So anyway, please go ahead and use the underline as you wish - or  
perhaps you can discuss it with Stefan, who is working with language,  
as you are...

Just go right ahead and write as you feel is best for your language...

These are the kinds of issues you should discuss at the First  
European SignWriting Symposium in Brussels in July! The you can  
inform me, and I will document your choices in our new  

Your writing looks so nice Lucyna!

Val ;-)

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