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Sun Jun 5 16:16:22 UTC 2005

Actually, the first is a noun for the concept of name.
The second is a verb that is similar to the Spanish llamar.  It would 
be used if we were describing the action of naming something.



On Jun 5, 2005, at 13:57, Steve Slevinski wrote:

>  Stuart, thanks for your thoughts about languages, rules, and 
> transcription.
>  In ASL, I've seen the following signs uses to identify signs for 
> people, places, and things.  I believe they both label nouns.
>     <unknown.jpg>
>       name
>      <unknown.jpg>
>       named
>  The first is used to identify a proper noun.  Right?
>  The second identifies ....  a noun ... a common name? 
>  -Steve
>  Stuart Thiessen wrote:I think we have to distinguish between what is 
> happening in the language itself (on the phonological or morphological 
> levels) and how we actually write it on paper.  For example, in 
> English, the sentence "We will go see the Washington Monument." and 
> "We will go see the washington monument." are pronounced exactly the 
> same.  There is no difference on a phonological or morphological 
> level.  There is a difference in my transcription based on the rules 
> of writing English. The first one is written correctly, but the second 
> only violates writing system rules. It seems that many writing systems 
> have a way of distinguishing names. Even the Shavian system which is 
> an alternative alphabet for writing English has a "namer dot" that 
> precedes the name (instead of capital letters) to indicate a proper 
> name.
>>  As others have already noted, in ASL, we often fingerspell a proper 
>> name before indicating the sign for it (particularly in introductions 
>> or where a new name sign is being introduced). I haven't analyzed to 
>> see if we really use the topic marker or not when we do that. Perhaps 
>> others on the list are familiar with that in ASL. For languages which 
>> do not use fingerspelling, there may be a different approach to 
>> indicating the name.
>>  If the language is not using topic markers at that point, it doesn't 
>> make sense to introduce those markers simply to mark a transcription 
>> event (noting the proper name). This is usually a writing systems 
>> issue, not a grammatical, morphological, or phonological issue.  So 
>> we shouldn't apply those kinds of solutions to the question.
>>  Thanks,
>>  Stuart
>>  On Jun 5, 2005, at 5:25, Kasterlinden Bilinguaal wrote:
>>> Hello List,
>>>  I think the example where the name is underlined is confusing. I 
>>> think my students will misunderstand it. They will think it's a 
>>> punctuation mark.
>>>  What about using 'topic', where the signers head is tilted back, 
>>> and the eyebrows are pulled up. (example 2)
>>>  -a topic is used to mark the subject of the conversation and to 
>>> check if the other person knows anything about this subject.
>>>  <mijn.png> <dot_a.png>
>>>  <space_v.png>
>>>  <mama_4.png> <dot_a.png>
>>>  <space_v.png>
>>>  <topicmijn.png> <dot_a.png>
>>>  <space_v.png>
>>>  <topicmama.png>
>>>  Of course this is not to be used for every pronoun, but a thing to 
>>> consider ;)
>>>  Greetings Kathleen
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