[sw-l] www.signwriting.org some dead links and recomendations about proving the SW is writing and not a drawing

Tomáš Klapka Tomas.Klapka at RUCE.CZ
Mon Jun 6 12:27:14 UTC 2005

Hi Lucyna,

it would help me I think... I need some arguments, because I am going to
do oral exam (viva) and it is possible they will ask me about writing of
signs, because I wrote into the writing part of exam, that there is a
sign writing system. They don't accept SignWriting as writing, because
they don't know anything about it. It's just xenophobia ;)

I would be glad, if you send me anything ;)

Thank you,
Tomas.Klapka at ruce.cz

Lucyna Dlugolecka wrote:

>> And I'm interested in more documents proving the SW is real writing
>> and not a drawing.
>> Would you recommend me anything?
> I'm writing an article on notation systems and I'm trying to prove
> that in the article. I'm not finished it yet but I can send you what I
> have already written. It's in Polish.
> Lucyna

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