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Mon Jun 6 16:26:04 UTC 2005

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June 6, 2005

On Jun 6, 2005, at 8:54 AM, ssr.informatica wrote:
> Yes, I was questioned about this. Here in Brazil have another point
> of view, same people think the rule is write sign in the same
> plane. But I saw signs writed within two mix plane. So I not sure
> about the rule, however you are tell me it is free, no rule.
> I want know another point of view in another coutry. Does rule
> about this case is need to compose local grammar ?


Hello Sergio and Everyone!
Years ago I thought the same thing, but then through experience, I
learned it was impossible to make such a rule, since some symbols do
not have a choice of two planes! We have some symbols that can only
be written from one viewpoint...so if you make a rule that all hands
have to be seen from the same viewpoint, you would not be able to
write some signs at all! Some signs can only be written with a
mixture of viewpoints.

Let me give you an example...If you have the left hand parallel to
the floor, and you write it from the Top View, then how would you
write the right hand from the Top View, if it is parallel to the
Wall? Take a look at the attache diagram. We do not have a way to see
the right hand from the Top...If we had that, the two fingers would
have to be dots, seen from the Top View...so this mixture of
viewpoints is necessary with no choices...

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