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Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Tue Jun 7 17:42:10 UTC 2005

I'll be getting a DSL line in a couple of weeks so yes I'd like to be an editor for the ASL and the Libras dictionaries.  I keep on losing my password (ugh).

I think that the dictionaries from now on should require listing the source.  As we become more fluent, we need to be able to compare videos and actual signing to what is being written.

Consensus is fine, if one has a body of Deaf and hearing people to flag it by who actually use the language so we can determine what "meaning" the sign has.

Good example is "Australia" in Auslan which is a mime of a jumping kangaroo.  You were able to point out a circle and jump which the natives were not catching, and a possible handshape for them to research.  We need both "non-native" SignWriters such as you (writing pure transcription) and "native" SignWriters who are writing from "inside" a sign where multiple variants from a "norm" have a "norm" such as "bouncing forepaws" for a kangaroo when some signers may be moving that basic shape to the right, the left, or around in a circle, depending on the use in a sentence.


Valerie Sutton <sutton at signwriting.org> wrote:
SignWriting ListJune 7, 2005

Dear SW List and Charles!
There are many weird signs entered into the US SignPuddle! And I do not know the source, if the person who was the source, does not write who they are!

I have started the big job of trying to fix 10 signs a day, in the US SignPuddle...but there are a lot of signs and I hadn't gotten to that one yet! I am not an expert on ASL, so I am not making decisions for the language...I am changing the Graphics Only entries, to SWML. And as i do that, I try to improve the SignWriting as I am going along...

So I agree. I don't believe these examples you show me are correct, Charles. If you are an editor of the ASL dictionary, you can change them yourself. Would you like to be an Editor?

Val ;-)


On Jun 6, 2005, at 3:03 PM, Charles Butler wrote:

Query, Valerie, what is the source of the sign "Prophecy" in the ASL sign puddle.

the sign for Prophesy (the verb) has the orientation of the non-dominant flat plane hand with the palm down.

The sign for "prophecy" (the noun) has the orientation of the non-dominant flat plane hand apparently with the palm up, an awkward position at best.

Is this really the sign for prophecy?  It does not seem to match the sign in Lottie Riekehoff's "Joy of Signing" where the palm is clearly facing "down," not "up,"

Interestingly enough, following that book, the orientation of the moving hand actually does a flip.

Valerie Sutton <sutton at signwriting.org> wrote:
SignWriting List
June 6, 2005

Hello Sergio!
I prefer your first writing. Yes. We mix two planes within one sign
all the time. I believe the first one is better, because the symbols
are less complex. There may be others who disagree,
though..smile...So you can technically write it either way and it is
correct.... Val ;-)


Sergio wrote:

> Dear SW List,
> I want ask to you if can I mixing two plane or point of view in a
> Sign. Example:
 Or the rule say that I need make it in the same plane, example:
 What is better ?
> Thank you,
> Sergio Ribeiro

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