[sw-l] the rest of Kevin Clark's story

Kimberley A. Shaw kshaw at WELLESLEY.EDU
Thu Jun 9 18:41:19 UTC 2005

Hello Val:
thank you! However, I am keeping the emphasis here on the adult learner,
as you have already got quite a few books for children available already.
(Yes, I am still finding the "advanced" version of Goldilocks to be quite
And so, I am aiming for articles/stories about Deaf life/culture, and am
now working on a SW book review of "Meeting halfway in ASL" by Bernard
Bragg and Jack Olson. I also have a Gallaudet-emerita cousin-in-law whom I
hope to meet this summer, and maybe she can give me another DPN story to
transcribe as well, which can be a companion to the snippet from Clark.
Has anybody made a stab at transcribing any of the old Veditz films? I
think that SW would be great for showing the differences in different ASL
styles, and I would like to include some of this "antique" signing as well
-- the more variety in signing styles in this little book, the better!
Kim from Boston

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>June 9, 2005
>Other ASL documents on the web:
>ASL Newsletters
>ASL Children Document
>ASL Bible Passages
>ASL Children's Stories
>look at number 6 in the children's stories...
>Val ;-)

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