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June 10, 2005

Eyasu -
I forgot to mention that Ethiopia is a country that has meant a lot
to my family, because years ago, my sister, Pam, who is a doctor,
worked in Ethiopia during the famine of 1985. Pam wrote a book called
The Ethiopian Journal, which is her daily diary of all that happened
while she was working as a doctor in a feeding camp, out in the
desert, helping anyone who came for food, shelter and medical help.
Our whole family was greatly touched by the suffering in Ethiopia.
You can read about Pam's work, and download her book, on this web page:

The Ethiopian Journal

or download the book directly:

I hope life is better in Ethiopia now...

I know Pam will be excited to know of your work, Eyasu...I look
forward to telling her!

Val ;-)


On Jun 10, 2005, at 2:38 AM, eyasu tamene wrote:
I am Eyasu Hailu, Ethiopian, MA student at Addis Ababa University.
Each day an idea comes to my mind.  Ethiopia is a multilingual,
multicultural country. Out of >80 languages of the country Ethiopian
Sign language is one of the little considired language. Researchers
are focusing only on the verbal langages.

The Ethiopian Deaf People, esp. children, are learning together with
the hearing ones which led them to a serious interrelated socital,
political, economic problems.  Although they have their own language
and culture, it looks less emphasised. I have read im many countries
of the world the Deaf people are proud of their language.  What I am
looking is the other way round.

I was thinking to happen Sign Writing real to my country also.  I
need to share your views.  If your country is one of the users of
Sign Writing, did you have any preconditions to start the activity?

With lots of thanks
Eyasu Hailu

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