[sw-l] POLAND doubts about the strike symbol + werb/noun

Honza honza at RUCE.CZ
Sun Jun 12 21:56:59 UTC 2005

Hi Lucy,

we have same sign in CZJ as in PJM. I don't use #, but just *.
see czech sign:
(it is not written there as PRACE, but PRACOVAT (werb)

btw. Lucyna, I like to ask you (and also I think mostly non-english
users of SW) about something differend.
We, same as you, have signs, which means both - werb and noun (or more).
How do you label this signs? (werb / noun, both) or do you write two
signs? One with werb label and second with noun label?


Lucyna Dlugolecka wrote:

> Thanks, Val. So, I'll improve that sign. When I have to choose between
> the touch and the strike symbols, I rely on my feeling. The touch is
> rather delicate, whereas  the strike is a stronger touch. Well, we do
> rather strike the palms each other while signing PRACA :-)
> Lucyna
>     Hello List,
>     I am not sure how to use the strike symbol with two vertical lines
>     and I can't find any explanations to this issue. Of course, I
>     understand that the lines mean "in-between", but, for example in
>     this case of the sign for PRACA (WORK; JOB) two palms are moving
>     and striking each other, not just one. So, is it justified to use
>     the strike symbol with the lines or the symbol without them will
>     be proper for such cases?
>     Lucyna
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