[sw-l] Spelling of ASL Wallet (retry #3)

pennersw at YBB.NE.JP pennersw at YBB.NE.JP
Wed Jun 15 05:17:49 UTC 2005

I'm looking at "wallet" on signpuddle, and see a potential source of
confusion. I thought that starting handshapes belonged "behind" the
arrows, and ending handshapes "in front" (where the arrow is heading).
If that is the case, I would think that you would want to reverse the
handshapes, or get rid of them entirely (as in "wallet-2"). I don't know
the ASL sign for wallet, but from Stuart's description, it sounds like
it starts with the hands flat against each other, and ends with only the
fingertips touching. (If I am wrong, ignore this post!!)


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