AW: [sw-l] Spelling of ASL Wallet (retry #3)

Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Wed Jun 15 16:31:03 UTC 2005

Hi Val, and everybody

the only sign that is obvious and easy to understand  - from my point of
view - with my ideas of reading and writing is #6 !!!!!!!!

I cannot understand the interpretation of the wrist-flexing in your spelling
- at least I would get a completely different performance ( perhaps a
different kind of wallet)

I like it to play around with different spellings in order to find a nice
and easy to understand solution ( a spelling that does not lead to a variety
of different performances ;-)))) )

So to write the start - postion and to write the endposition seems often to
be a good and helpful strategy.

Interesting to me - and I see that for the first time !!!!! - your decision
to add a thin line in order to describe a follow-up movement -
(really interesting and good support in several other cases - I will keep
that in my mind.)

Stefan ;-)

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SignWriting List
June 15, 2005

> Mark Penner from Japan wrote:
> I'm looking at "wallet" on signpuddle, and see a potential source of
> confusion. I thought that starting handshapes belonged "behind" the
> arrows, and ending handshapes "in front" (where the arrow is heading).
> If that is the case, I would think that you would want to reverse the
> handshapes, or get rid of them entirely (as in "wallet-2"). I don't
> know
> the ASL sign for wallet, but from Stuart's description, it sounds like
> it starts with the hands flat against each other, and ends with
> only the
> fingertips touching. (If I am wrong, ignore this post!!)


Hello Mark, Stuart and Everyone!
You are right, Mark. The rule is exactly as you say above. smile.
Occasionally there are a few exceptions, but they are rare. Usually
those rare cases cluster all the movement symbols into one group and
place the movement cluster between the beginning and ending handshape
(see wallet 5 in the attached diagram)...

If you now go to SignPuddle, in the ASL dictionary, search for WALLET
and you will find 6 ways to write the sign. I just added the last
four...Here they are attached. Tell me which ones you like or
dislike...Shall we throw out some of them?...and thanks for the
excellent input, Mark...

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