AW: [sw-l] Spelling of ASL Wallet (retry #3)

Ingvild Roald iroald at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Jun 15 22:43:10 UTC 2005

I must say I agree with Stephan - and would choose no 8.

When I try to perform the sign, from palms-togheter to fingertips-together,
I have to move my arm, not just flex around my wrist.


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>SignWriting List
>June 15, 2005
>>Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:
>>the only sign that is obvious and easy to understand  - from my  point of
>>view - with my ideas of reading and writing is #6 !!!!!!!!
>>I cannot understand the interpretation of the wrist-flexing in your
>>- at least I would get a completely different performance ( perhaps a
>>different kind of wallet)
>>Interesting to me - and I see that for the first time !!!!! - your
>>to add a thin line in order to describe a follow-up movement -
>>(really interesting and good support in several other cases - I  will keep
>>that in my mind.)
>Hello Stefan and Everyone!
>This is a helpful message, because it brings up several important  points.
>The vertical line that is between the sections of the sign in  number 6, is
>called a Hyphen. We use hypens in English, for example,  in the word
> is a little line between sections of a  word...some words in
>English require hypens and others do not...
>So the Hyphen Line in SignWriting is located in the Punctuation  Symbols.
>It is a thin single line that divides sections of one sign.  And it can be
>written either horizontally or the  attached you can see
>number 6 and 7...
>And that was why I was concerned for mis-readings of the underlining  for
>proper names, because I was afraid it might get confused with  either
>shoulder lines, or possibly the Hyphen Line...
>And the 8th example in the attached is another possible  writing...showing
>two pressing motions without using the Wrist-Axial  movement arrows...The
>use of the Wrist arrows is not wrong, but it is  a rare usage...and I can
>certainly see how you could mis-read it, if we could eliminate
>those arrows but create a standard  for two pressings, to be written like
>number 8, then we could  simplify the writing...
>Your thoughts?...

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