AW: [sw-l] Spelling of ASL Wallet (retry #3)

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Jun 17 15:24:05 UTC 2005

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June 17, 2005

Everyone -
Let us first review quickly, the difference between writing...

1. Straight traveling movement of the forearm
2. Rotating movement of the arm that stays in one place (Axial Movement)
3. Wrist motion...the forearm does not travel but the fingers and
hand do travel in a specific direction...(another form of Axial

In Stefan's examples in the attached diagram, he chose to write
number 1 above...straight traveling movement of the forearm. The
arrows do not have a an Axis Line...this is not Axial Movement...but
traveling movement.

Notice how well Stefan conveyed the information...simply by adding an
arm line! This is not the only way to write it, but you can see that
for some people, for example, children in Stefan's class...they might
find the added arm line enough and it is less complicated for them...

Did you all know that in Denmark, people still write with the Full-
Body stick figure? There are some people who add more arm lines than
other people do..usually teachers of Deaf children....and usually for
beginners....continued next message...

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