[sw-l] Detailed and Simplified Entries in Dictionaries

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Mon Jun 20 00:20:55 UTC 2005

Hi Bill,

I do not believe we need new symbols for dictionary entries.  For sign
language dictionaries, each entry has three sections of information.
Spelling, Sequence, and additional.  This relates to your example of
spelling, phonetics, and everything else.

IMWA symbols in space.
This is the sign image that we read.

Spelling Sequence
An ordered list of IMWA symbols used for dictionary lookup.

Additional information
Any other informaiton about the sign.
This information can be text, SignWriting, image, video, whatever.

For additional information, I am currently considering... role of sign,
variants, and synonyms.

Role of sign
Verb, noun, classifier...  Anyone have a complete list or a better title?
What about directional verbs?

Variants are different spellings for the same sign.  For any sign, there
are a huge number of variants because of the amount and type of detail
that is recorded.  Some signs can be written on the vertical or
horizontal plane.  Signs can be written detailed or simplified. Symbol
placement alone allows for a near unlimited number  of variants.

Synonyms represent the same idea, but different signs.  Dialects and
generations are the greatest source of synonyms.

some of my thoughts,

Bill Reese wrote:

> Val,
> One of the purposes of the question was to explore the issue and
> determine if there are any areas that may need further symbols.   It's
> an exploratory process.
> Bill
> Valerie Sutton wrote:
>> SignWriting List
>> June 19, 2005
>> Bill Reese wrote:
>> ....For instance, the following is an entry in an english dictionary
>> for "pronunciation."   How could this be done in SignWriting?
>> Main Entry: *pro·nun·ci·a·tion*
>> Pronunciation: pr&-"n&n(t)-sE-'A-sh&n /also /÷-"naun(t)-
>> Function: /noun/
>> Etymology: Middle English /pronunciacion, /from Middle French
>> /prononciation, /from Latin /pronuntiation-, pronuntiatio, /from
>> /pronuntiare/
>> *:* the act or manner of pronouncing something
>> - *pro·nun·ci·a·tion·al*  /-shn&l, -sh&-n^& l/ /adjective/
>> -----------------------------------
>> Bill - This is a great question!
>> Ha...I am new to this too...but for now, regarding the detailed and
>> the simplified...examples are clear in this attachment...see number
>> 4..it is very very detailed...but in your entry above there are not
>> only detailed and simplified spellings, but also a definition about
>> the English word described in English, and we have the equivalent
>> definitions written in ASL about ASL starting in SignBank now, thanks
>> to Deaf contributor Adam Frost, who is writing the ASL definitions
>> for us...so the layout style of the dictionary has to be determined
>> by the editors of that dictioinary, and then create a standard
>> throughout the book...SignBank is the closest we have to that idea
>> right now...I can share some of this with you tomorrow - Thanks for
>> your input... Val ;-)

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