[sw-l] challenge for programmers

Tomáš Klapka Tomas.Klapka at RUCE.CZ
Tue Jun 21 07:49:24 UTC 2005

IMVHO there is need of:
- standard (adding IMWA into the Unicode)
- fonts (vector fonts /TrueType/)
- input method (create system /windows,linux,.../ compatible input methods)

What is the state of standardization of IMWA and process of including
IMWA into the Unicode?
I think it is the most important step.

And what about creating of TrueType fonts for IMWA? AFAIK it is just
pictures now, which is almost unable to use in standard applications.
TrueType is vector type and it is possible to change size of the text
without lost of rendering quality.

Is there any core team to work on these issues?


Lucyna Dlugolecka wrote:

> Imagine the world in 2015. ;-)
> SW is known by the Deaf in most countries of the world, they can write
> in their SLs, read books in SLs and even read news in SLs on the web.
> And can they use Google to search for SL words within SW pages? Ha! :-)
> Programmers, now you see what the challenge for you is :-)
> Lucyna
> GG 3618151 SMS +48505273292

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