[sw-l] Re: SWPoster typing program by Sandy Fleming

Sandy Fleming sandy at SCOTSTEXT.ORG
Tue Jun 21 12:12:04 UTC 2005

Hi Val & List!

>> What you're asking - to be able to type a whole story - I actually
>> got stuck with this for a while. The idea is the when the user  types
>> a space or punctuation mark, the software inserts the space  or
>> punctuation symbol and moves the stick man down (or across),  ready
>> for typing the next sign.
> Wow. That feature would be great...

This has always been the intention. The progam, as far as possible, puts
everything where it should be, or if that's not possible, in the most
likely position. Hence the stick-figure template and the automatic
positioning of signs and punctuation marks. To my mind, this is the only
way to make SW typable in a sense similar to typing oral text.

> Did the article in the Deaf publication in the UK ever get published
> about SignWriting? It was supposed to come out this June I believe...
Yes it did  :)

Not sure whether it would be OK to scan it in or what. Maybe one of us
should ask!


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