[sw-l] Use of symbols in Sign Bank

Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Wed Jun 22 11:58:35 UTC 2005

I am confused.  I'm looking at the SignBank symbol list and don't understand these differences:

01-001-007, Index Bent, version 1
01-001-008, Index Bent, version 2

Can I get a minimal pair here to show the difference between the two symbols, they look identical on the screen.  If I am choosing one or the other to create a sign, which do I use?

01-002-10, Index Middle Cross
01-002-12, Index Bent over Middle

Is 12 used frequently?  I found 01-002-12 being used in the sign for "ready" in the ASL SignPuddle, which is usually using an "R" handshape in ASL with middle over the index rather than index over the middle.  Do we have a source or videotape to back up the usage of 01-002-12 instead?

01-005-18, Flat Split Center

This seems to be the "Live long and prosper" or "Shaddai" sign from old Hebrew sign language without the thumb.  Where would I find this sign with the thumb out?  This would be shape 51 in the -005 series unless it were to be put in as a variant of 005-18.  There is a genetic marker, oddly enough, as to which humans can do this handshape with ease, just like rolling one's tongue.

01-005-36 Curlicue
01-10-04 Thumb Out.
01-10-11 Fist

Is this a matter of degree for the thumb "out".  The curlicue looks like a hyperextended thumb but if one simply moves from the position of "thumb to side" ASL-A, to "fist" (ASL-S), to 01-10-04 "thumb to front" to 01-005-36, I'm not sure I'm understanding the critical differences.

Inquring minds want to know.

Charles Butler

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