DVDs.... Great News! ;-)

Shane Gilchrist Ó hEorpa shane.gilchrist.oheorpa at FRANCISMAGINN.ORG
Sat Jun 25 17:56:22 UTC 2005


We are delighted to hear that you can make DVDs on your Apple now!

Right yes you can send me a test DVD - but a wee problem - I will leave to
England tomorrow then on to Brussels, Stuttgart, Paris and Brest (in
Brittany) - I ll be away from me place for a month - maybe it might be wiser
if you send a copy to Kathleen & Sara - they can test it for you.


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> June 22, 2005
> > Shane Gilchrist Ó hEorpa wrote:
> > Can you send me a copy of the CD?
> Hello Shane!
> I can send you a copy of the DVD... ;-)
> Actually I already sent other materials to Brussels, for participants
> at the Symposium to view during the proceedings, and then when the
> Symposium is over, you are welcome, along with the others, to take
> some of the materials back with you, to Northern Ireland...
> I hope to send the DVDs to Brussels too, so you all can have
> copies...problem is I do not have a machine to test the PAL DVDs and
> that bothers me a little...Wouldn't it be awful if I send you DVDs
> you cannot play, without knowing it? smile...I doubt if that will
> happen, but I sure wish I could test one to make sure...
> So if you want to help me test one, I can send you one in about a
> week...want that?...Once I know they work in PAL televisions, I can
> send more copies to Brussels...
> Val ;-)

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