PROGRAMMING ISSUES: symbol x, y coordinates in sign, ranges

bwhite philcoe.bjwhite at COGECO.CA
Mon Jun 27 16:03:36 UTC 2005

Point number TWO :   Once downloaded, you will need to "de-compress" the

How do we "de-compress."?

The file went straight in to my documents and opened weird with little white
boxes, etc.

bw from Windsor, Canada

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June 27, 2005

Tomas -
Why don't you download some of our True Type fonts in SignWriting?
Maybe you can test how we handled vector graphics that way? All of
the Fingerspelling Fonts are in True Type:

Download True Type Fonts

Test those fonts!

PLUS....Did you know that there are other True Type fonts in
SignWriting?... The three styles that I know of are...

1. Sutton Fonts
2. Woehrmann Fonts
3. Parkhurst Fonts

Stefan Woehrmann's fonts are terrific!! Take a look at this web page
which Stefan created with his fonts:

Take a look at the attached. It is a diagram that begins using
Stefan's TT fonts, but ends with a SWDOS sign...what a difference!


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