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Tue Oct 4 19:23:26 UTC 2005

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October 4, 2005

Lucyna -
Wrist circles are NOT correct for this sign. Your sign will be mis- 
read around the world. If you want people to read the whole arm  
making a circle, then you MUST use Arm Circles, and NOT wrist circles...

Wrist circles are wrong here, because a wrist circle tells the reader  
to keep the arms still, and move only the hands in a  
circle...Regarding the other details of the sign...I will leave that  
to you. I think it is unnecessary to write so much detail, like  
contact, if the sign can be done without the contact, and I did not  
see the person in the video touch...but that is your choice...but  
when it comes to the definition of Wrist Circles and Arm Circles,  
that is NOT your choice...because it forces the arms to stay still  
and you do not want that...

When I am writing a letter to a friend in ASL, I try not to write too  
much detail for everyday use...it is a lot of work...there are  
different theories on this...but I am just explaining why I choose  
less detail for everyday use...

No matter what, please change the circles. No need to discuss this  
sign again...Val ;-)

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