POLAND... help for the sign for NUMER

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Tue Oct 4 21:37:05 UTC 2005

I like all those different discussions on how to write signs...! it's great
to have videos to know what we are talking about.

I've been looking at the sign /ANIOL/ several time before seing the thumbs
touching the chest... I didn't event see it at first glance... Val do we
still have to use the same circle and then just add the star for contact ?
or do we have to change anything about the movement as the thumbs keep in
contact ? just wondering what to do in such situations ??

For the other sign... /NUMER/ I had the impression that left hand is facing
the signer ? am I wrong ?

Thanks for these discussions... it's a good exercice for me!


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SignWriting List
October 4, 2005

Lucyna Dlugolecka wrote:
A hard nut to crack! See yourself how difficult it is to write the sign for
NUMER (NUMBER)! Any help is welcome...

Hello Lucyna and Everyone!
Yes. That is a hard sign because one hand is in front of the other. This
gives me an excellent opportunity to tell you all that I have been working
on improving the symbols in the IMWA, so that the white area of the palms is
now really white, and not see-through....before, we would see the Index
finger inside the fist symbol when we put one symbol on top of the other,
but now, we can show that one symbol is truly hiding behind the other...See
the attached diagram. I have placed these signs in your Polish SignPuddle:

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