POLAND... help for the sign for ANIOL

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Tue Oct 4 22:43:22 UTC 2005

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October 4, 2005

Marc Girod & Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod wrote:
> I've been looking at the sign /ANIOL/ several time before seing the  
> thumbs touching the chest... I didn't event see it at first  
> glance... Val do we still have to use the same circle and then just  
> add the star for contact ? or do we have to change anything about  
> the movement as the thumbs keep in contact ? just wondering what to  
> do in such situations ??

The thumbs rub the chest, that is true. But they do not touch each  
other. You see, putting a contact star for touch is misleading in a  
sign like that, because it looks like you are saying that the thumbs  
are touching each other, and they do not touch each other  
continuously...but yes of course they are rubbing the chest, but that  
is another subject...

A Rub symbol, without any other movement symbol combined, means Rub  
in a Circle. So if you want to show Rubbing in a Circle, that would  
be fine. Is that what you mean, Lucyna? No matter what, that is NOT  
wrist movement. My point was that the Wrist Movement symbol was  
incorrect, that's all.

Here it is with Rub Movement. No Touch symbol is necessary because it  
is assumed as a part of the Rub Symbol. When I read this I assume  
that I am doing two rubs with the thumbs on the chest...it is assumed  
to be the center of the chest area without any shoulder line....you  
would need to add a Shoulder LIne for higher up...this one is a  
little low probably...but perhaps this will solve the sign a bit...

So in summary...A Rub symbol without any other arrow, means rubbing  
in a circle, with continuous contact...

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