POLAND Sign for ANIOL - Pressing Contact

Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Wed Oct 5 11:34:38 UTC 2005

YES! Valerie.  This has been a most excellent discussion.  All of our ideas needed to be addressed.
1) She started with the right hand position, but the touch symbols were on the little fingers.  .
2) I moved the touch to the humbs, and moved what I thought were wrist circles because the hands were fixed in place.
3) You pointed out that it is the elbows that are actually moving, not the wrists, so we had to change to arm circles.
4) We seemed to think it was a rubbing thumb, so we put in rub circles, but that, upon examination, didn't work because the thumb is fixed in place.
5) We agreed that the thumb was fixed in place so that the tension marker had to be added to the touch.
6) The movement, rather than the wall plane was the forward/back plane, so the orientation of the circles changed.
Voila, at last, a clear, unmistakable aniol flapping its wings.
All in all, a good lesson.

Valerie Sutton <sutton at signwriting.org> wrote:
SignWriting List
October 4, 2005

Smile...Here is my latest try...The Pressing Contact is always a 
combination of Touch and Tension, and it needs to be near the finger 
that is doing it. It may look like it is contacting down but we read 
that as touching the chest...so this is similar to the ASL sign for 
ANIMAL...I think the circles are going forward and back and that it 
is arm movement...This is my best shot! Val ;-)

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