POLAND Sign for ANIOL - Pressing Contact

Lucyna Dlugolecka deafie at GMX.NET
Thu Oct 6 07:43:09 UTC 2005

>Regarding the sign for NUMBER in Polish Sign Language...Isn't the
left hand an S handshape? A basic fist? I do not see an A hand. That
is why I chose to write the basic tight fist for the left hand...like
an S handshape in ASL...Is the left hand an A or S handshape in the
video? Perhaps, Lucyna, you sign it yourself with an A hand, but the
girl in the video uses an S hand?...

The thumb is not so important in this and in many other signs. Our S is 
quite different than yours and we can't confuse A and S :-). When I sign 
NUMER, my left hand (in fact - my right hand, but when building the SW dict, 
I sign to myself as if I were right-handed :-)) is an A handshape. But in 
PJM fingerspelling I put your S handshape symbol for the A letter :-). 
People sign the A differently but we just don't bother what handshape it is 
in ASL :-).
In newest sign for NUMER I used the ASL handshape for A because the plain 
white square symbol is confusing too :-)



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