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October 13, 2005

Lessons in SignSpelling continued...

Ok. Kathleen and others from Flanders...smile...Here are all 10 signs  
in one very long diagram (see attached)....Do you understand why I  
wrote the 10 Flemish signs the way I did? It is based on the  
SignSpelling rules...

The sign for Papa (number 7 below) is very important because it is in  
your Goldilocks books, and needs to be changed in those books. The  
sign for Mama also has the same kind of movement...In your old  
writing of those signs, there was a misunderstanding about the Finger  
Movement symbols... That double-stacked symbol that you used before,  
does not mean a single finger closing twice...I can see how that  
misunderstanding could happen, but unfortunately it means something  
else...It means all five fingers doing a single Finger Trill...I can  
explain in more detail if you wish...I look forward to hearing from  
you...Go through every sign to review why the arrows are placed where  
they are placed...

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