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October 14, 2005

On Oct 13, 2005, at 7:33 PM, Charles Butler wrote:
> This is the sign for HIERARCHY (Computer) in the Rochester  
> Institute of the Deaf sign book for Computer-Related Sign  
> Language.  Is this the best way to write it?  It feels as if the  
> neutral opening handshapes are as important as the three closed  
> shapes, and I don't see any way to reduce them to just closed  
> shapes with missing the variant partially opened hands.

Hello Charles -
This sign is fine. I can read it ;-))

I think it is a good idea not to reduce the writing of it right now.  
It is not a sign that is used to write a letter to a friend in  
ASL...it is a technical sign and needs more detail. If it were a sign  
that is used daily in writing, like basic numbers, like number 10 or  
11 or 21...smile..then we might want to work at shortening...but the  
writing is fine for generally showing the sign to a newcomer!...It is  
fun to see some of the technical signs written...;-)

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