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October 16, 2005

> Kasterlinden Bilinguaal school in Belgium wrote:
> Thank you Val for sending all these lessons.. I hope it's not too  
> much extra work because I see the lessons on the website. It's very  
> helpfull that you try to transform the information to every day  
> life so it becomes very understandable.

Hello Kathleen, everyone in Belgium (smile), and everyone on the SW  

Thank you for your kind words above...I appreciate it, that you said  
this. I am very happy to do it. It is good for the writing system,  
because I know some of these rules have not been explained well in  
the past. So this helps all of us....If all our dictionaries are  
accurate, we will have better communication around the world...

Now, in regards to the Finger Movements in the number 20 in Flemish  
Sign Language. Thank you for your explanation and here is mine, in  
more detail. I will create an eLesson on this too, so you and Damien  
and Kristof and others can refer to it, so it is clear:

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