Where to get Punctuation Symbols

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Oct 17 14:09:20 UTC 2005

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October 17, 2005

This is wonderful news, Lucy! So happy to hear of someone using  

We have two computer programs that use the IMWA symbols...SignPuddle  
and SignBank.

I develop the IMWA in SignBank, in the SymbolBank section of the  
program. The IMWA then sorts the SignBank dcitionaries by Sign-Symbol- 
Sequence, and you can print in one of 20 formats, plus add other  
foreign signs etc.

SignPuddle and SignBank are the two programs that use the IMWA.

If you need any help using SignBank ...just ask!

Val ;-)


On Oct 17, 2005, at 1:15 AM, Lucyna Dlugolecka wrote:

> 3. A third way, is to download SignBank Runtime:
>> Download SignBank
>> http://www.SignBank.org/downloads
>> And even though it is a US ASL SignBank file, that doesn't  
>> matter,  because when you download SignBank, you are downloading a  
>> complete  SymbolBank database that can stand alone on your desktop  
>> without the  internet...so if you try that I will be happy to  
>> teach you how to use  SignBank on your desktop. You can drag and  
>> drop, or copy and paste  any symbol from SignBank into a Word  
>> document...
>> Hope this helps!
>> Val ;-)
> Thanks, Val! I tried different steps but only the above one has  
> helped me! :-)
> Lucy

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