good news - another two Belgian schools supporting SW

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Oct 17 15:08:26 UTC 2005

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October 17, 2005

> Kasterlinden Bilinguaal school in Belgium wrote:
> I sent the good news to Damien and he asked me if SignEdit and  
> Signpuddle are compatible.. he has made a lot of signs in SignEdit  
> and I think he`s worried he`ll have to do it all over again ;)

Hello Kathleen, Damien and Everyone!

It will be best for Damien and all on the Belgian SignWriting teams,  
to use SignPuddle and SignBank right now. I know it is annoying to  
have to re-add the signs again in SignPuddle, but that will give you  
an excellent opportunity to review the new SignSpelling rules and to  
write the new entries with them ;-)

Here are the two Belgian SignPuddles:

Flemish Sign Language

Walloon Sign Language

Val ;-)


Note: Regarding software development...

As Steve Slevinski and others have already explained, the only two  
programs that use the up-to-date symbols of the IMWA are SignBank and  
SignPuddle (that we know of)...if there are other programmers using  
the IMWA, please tell us!!

Steve and I are a team. I develop the symbols for the IMWA in the  
SignBank program. Then Steve creates SignPuddle, using those same  
IMWA symbols. We give ongoing technical support, and we are improving  
both SignPuddle and SignBank all the time.

The SWEdit program is an excellent program from Brazil, but it is  
older and the programmers who developed it, cannot help us now to  
update it. So without that technical support, we have no choice but  
to use SignPuddle and SignBank.

And of course, when the day comes that SignWriter Tiger is available,  
we will use it immediately!

And SignWriter Python is another series of programs that is valuable  
to the future of SignWriting...

You can read about these and other programs too, on these web pages:

SignWriting Downloads


Software Forum

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