CZECH 10-handshape signs

Honza honza at RUCE.CZ
Wed Oct 19 21:19:44 UTC 2005

Hi Val,

thanks for picture Stefan.
10handshape is a little bit confusing.
Older handshape seems to be clearer, but it is not written in the same 
way as other handhapes..

so I have to get used to new handshape.

Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> October 19, 2005
> On Oct 19, 2005, at 1:09 PM, Honza wrote:
>> sure, yes I know this handshape has been improved.
>> I mean improved 10 handshape.
>> Thumb is not towards body, but up.
> I would write the Czech sign for ZITRA like zitra_2 ...see  
> attached...the first one is the old sign and the second one is my re- 
> writing which I just put in your SignPuddle...The old sign should be  
> deleted because that symbol is really not in the IMWA any  
> longer....we are just seeing a picture of you will need to re- 
> load all the signs using that symbol to fix each one up...go into  
> Dictionary editors and then start changing them...You can find all  
> the signs that use that handshape by searching through the Symbol  
> Frequency section of SignPuddle...
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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