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Well, my oh my.  Recalls to mind an adage:  No good deed goes unpunished.

Did you know that "ye" in Middle English, as in "ye old inn" was a
misspelling of a symbol that stood for the sound "th"?  Somewhere along the
line, that symbol was dropped and everyone had to start using a "t" and an
"h" to write the same sound.  I suppose there was some grumbling amongst the
scribes that day.

-- James

on 10/19/05 9:10 PM, Charles Butler at chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM wrote:

Valerie, I now feel that I am justifiably angry, and most of the anger is
not directed at you, but the programmer of Sign Puddle, who should be
ashamed of himself.

You are not a programmer, but you, by now, should know what programmer's are
capable of.

First of all, the following email is not a gentle email, it is pointed   Be

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