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Thu Oct 20 19:55:22 UTC 2005

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October 20, 2005

Hello Lucyna!
Thank you for this message ;-)

  Lucyna Dlugolecka wrote:
> Two weeks ago I had a bad adventure. I was travelling to Rabka,  
> where my parents live. When going out from the Intercity train in  
> Krakow near Rabka, I forgot to take my napsack, where I had my  
> notebook (laptop) and personal documents. I realized that after a  
> few minutes later and I went back to the train but my knapsack  
> wasn't there any longer. Probably a theft got into the train and  
> stole it. I contacted the police right away and after some time I  
> got my documents back but my notebook vanished withour trace. Now I  
> have a new notebook and I have much work with recovering the most  
> important stuff... Well, I used to make copies of it on a pendrive  
> but I lost the pendrive too :-(.

Val writes:
Wow. What a shame! That must have been very hard on you. But that is  
amazing that you got some of your papers back, and also that you were  
able to get a new notebook...thank goodness!

Lucy wrote:
> This Wednesday I'll give a presentation at the uni on the Brussels  
> symposium. If you can, please send me all the related materials,  
> i.e. reports from the Italian participants, Daniel's remarks,  
> Kathleen recent materials sent to us and links to the photos. I  
> would be really helpful if you can help me with this.

Val writes:
Of course! Actually this will be a perfect stimulus for me, to post  
the excellent report from Kathleen, and also other reports from  
Ingvild and others...and photos by Stefan and so many I  
will work on that this weekend and then post the message to the List  
when it is ready...

Do you want me to post your report as well? I believe you did give us  
some...I have to look back to read all the notes and attached files  
from last summer...I have a huge pile on my computer desktop!!

Val ;-)

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