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October 25, 2005

Kasterlinden Bilinguaal wrote:
> You know the sign for a flower opening, well this is the other way  
> around. The hand closes and move down into the lefthand that is a C- 
> shape. So used the rub symbol (in between) because the right hand  
> stops when it's in the left and doesn't move away from it. I was  
> thinking about the spelling rules and hope I used them correct. I  
> wasn't to sure about this   But looking at the E-lessons I think  
> it's correct. I put the arrow under the handshape that move down,  
> part of the pulling you told me about. How does this look to you  
> Val? ;)

Hello Kathleen and Everyone!
This is an interesting sign, and your writing is getting better and  
better! It is really great to share with you...

You are correct about the arrow...It is placed underneath the right  
hand, because the right hand is moving down. Excellent placement!

And it is correct to place the dot at the bottom of the arrow, since  
the closing happens at the end of the movement. Good placement!

And the choice of handshapes are fine and well done.

The choice of the Rub symbol made it clear to me, that I had mis-read  
the sign, however, and you know why? Because your arrow is so long,  
that it looked like the movement moved down so far that the hand was  
out of the cupped left other words, the movement arrow  
paints a path in space, and if it is long, it looks like a very long  
movement, so the arrow needed to be shorter to show that the right  
hand did not leave the cupped left the length of the arrow  
has tells us how long the movement is...

I will now write a few choices for you to show you, and then I look  
forward to your see next message...Val ;-)

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