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October 25, 2005

Dear SW List Members!
Kathleen Heylen, in Belgium, along with Sara Geudens, are teachers at  
the Kasterlinden School for the Deaf in Brussels, Belgium. It is a bi- 
lingual program, teaching Flemish Sign Language and Flemish spoken  
language (Dutch). SignWriting is used in the classroom, as the  
written-form for Flemish Sign Language:

SignWriting in Belgium

Last summer, there was the ICED 2005 conference, in Maastricht,  
Netherlands, that was about Deaf Education. There were two  
presentations there, about SignWriting, at the ICED conference:

SignWriting at ICED Conference, 2005

1. Stefan Woehrmann was a featured speaker, giving a Keynote address:

2. Kathleen Heylen and Sara Geudens
presented their work at Kasterlinden School

And now the Kasterlinden Power Point Presentation is posted on our  
web site for download!

Take a look:

Using SignWriting to Teach Flemish Sign Language

Lovely photos and video clips of Deaf children using  
SignWriting...Congratulations to Kathleen and Sara!

See photo attached used in the presentation...Thank you for sharing  
with us!

Val ;-)

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