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October 25, 2005

Charles Butler wrote:
> These are absolutely fantastic.  They show real school children  
> doing ordinary work in recognizing and signing their own language  
> and matching it to a written spoken language.  If this doesn't act  
> as a breakthrough to show the ordinary pedagogical skills that can  
> be produced in children of varying abilities, nothing will.

Thank you for this positive message. Yes. This Power Point  
presentation by Kathleen and Sara in Belgium is excellent!

And Deaf children are learning SignWriitng all over the world now.  
There are more beautiful presentations to post on the web...

For example, in Germany there is a television program for the Deaf,  
that created the most wonderful special production that was shown on  
television all around Germany earlier this year... showing Deaf  
children learning SignWriting in Germany...I am contacting the German  
Television station tomorrow to ask for permission to show this  
remarkable TV program to the world...of course we cannot do this  
without their permission...but when I saw the program, I wept, I  
found it so exciting and remarkable...

And there is also another Power Point Presentation showing American  
Deaf children using SignWriting in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and we  
are still waiting for permission from their parents to post it ...but  
it is also quite moving...

So SignWriting is spreading and we are blessed!

This week, SignWriting is being presented in several new  
countries...we need to wait for permission to post that information...

Plus the Parkhursts just sent me their English-language version of  
their textbook on SignWriting to post on the web free to  
download...what a gift!

And Ingvild Roald is writing a new textbook for Norwegian Sign  
Language and I am reading those chapters this week...

And I am working on a new web area for Stefan's new textbook on  
SignWriting in German...again I need to get permission from the  
publisher for that and we are working together...

And I am working on a new posting for Brazil and the US...and sending  
a SignBank CD to the Philippines...

THANK YOU to everyone for working so hard on so many projects!!

If any of you want to do a special project, write to me privately and  
we can talk about how to help you with your needs...

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
Sutton at

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