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October 26, 2005

Thierry Haesenne from Belgium wrote:
> I'm Thierry Haesenne (deaf), and I use LSFB (French Belgian Sign  
> Language - not Walloon Sign Language as mentioned in the Sign  
> I am a linguist and I work with a hearing  
> linguist, Damien Huvelle who was at the ESWO conference in Brussels  
> in July along with two other deaf colleagues, Claude Gerday and  
> Bruno Sonnemans, who regularly come to our research centre on a  
> voluntary basis. I could not attend the workshop in Brussels as I  
> was on a - very long - trip abroad. After the ESWO workshop, my  
> colleagues were convinced that SW could bring deaf children to  
> literacy.

Hello Thierry and Everyone...
Welcome to the SignWriting List, Thierry. Happy to meet you...

Ha! I am sorry about the name Walloon Sign Language (grin). I will  
change the name in SignPuddle to French Belgian Sign Language.  I am  
assuming that is what you would like?

Feel free to write messages in any spoken or signed language. We can  
send email in SignWriting now too, through the SignMail feature in  

Val ;-)

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Sutton at

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