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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed Oct 26 19:27:06 UTC 2005

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October 26, 2005

Thierry Haesenne wrote:
> So, when I came back to work in September, they explained  
> everything to me and I "tried" to learn SW through the online  
> lessons. While I was still on holidays, my colleagues Damien and  
> Bruno managed to convince two deaf schools in French-speaking  
> Belgium to use Sign Writing with another transcription system  
> (glosses) that we are trying to implement in our region, as this  
> helps children become aware of the LSFB grammar and structure. It  
> is not the glossing system used by Baker and Cokely or other  
> linguists, but a much more visual system which is very compatible  
> with SW.

This is interesting about the glosses that you mention above,  
Thierry. Maybe someday you can show us the more visual glossing  
system you mention above...

Meanwhile, SignPuddle version 1.0, which we are using on the web  
right now, uses glosses to create email in SignWriting...which is  
both good and bad, depending on your viewpoint. The good side is that  
the visual email that comes from the glosses, helps some people learn  
to read the SignWriting symbols. So I will post an email in  
SignWriting next message to show ;-)

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