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Thierry Haesenne thierry.haesenne at ILMH.BE
Fri Oct 28 00:01:21 UTC 2005

Hello everyone, 
I am currently drawing a Sign Writing database for different countries in the
world... I still need some signs, and apart from those I could find on the Sign Puddles, I cannot find :

Europe : Lietchenstein, San Marino, Macedonia
Asia : Tadjikistan, Kyrgizstan, Mongolia,
Chechnya, Georgia, Azerbaijan
Americas : Salvador, Jamaica
Middle-East : Yemen, Oman, Bahrein,
United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras-al-Fujairah, etc.), 
Africa : Libya +  the Black African
countries, ie : Niger, Nigeria, Mali, Botswana,  Senegal, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Zimbabwe, Tanzania,
Guinea, Swaziland, Mozambique, Namibia, etc.
It would be better if the signs were the national signs
used in these countries, if you happen to know them... 

I will put all the country signs on the
French Belgian Sign Puddle when I get some time to do it... For those who are interested, I managed to get :
Qatar, Bhutan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, etc. thanks to my travelling... Some signs that
will be on the Sign Puddle will be the signs used in French-speaking Belgium and not those used in these
So far, I have imported all the relevant signs from the Flemish, French and French-Swiss
Sign Puddles. Hope their authors don't feel that I have been stealing their hard work!!!  Now, I have to put
all the signs that Bruno and myself created over the last few weeks (about 1200 more signs to be added
Thanks a lot, 

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