Signs for different countries

James Shepard-Kegl, Esq. kegl at MAINE.RR.COM
Fri Oct 28 05:20:26 UTC 2005

One way on a computer is to use a snag or capture program.  You can download
"snag it", but odds are your computer already has a capture feature.  This
allows you to cut and paste SignWriting (or anything else) onto maps or into
word files.

Or you can make a really nice map for school students using paper and scotch
tape.  I have prepared numerous SW reading stories this way, just using
scissors, tape and a photocopier.  That may seem old fashioned to many, but
it works just fine.

I had a computer volunteer work all summer on a calendar that would show SW,
Spanish and photos -- and she was never able to deliver.  I finally just
produced the product with tape and scissors -- and it came out just fine.

As for obtaining a map, try car rental counters (free maps), bookstores,
school supply or educational stores or Wal-Mart.  (You got a Wal-Mart??)

-- James SK

on 10/27/05 11:33 PM, Nana Dumitra at nana.dumitra at SCHLOSSKLAUS.AT wrote:

> Hello Val, Hector and List,
> I love this map!! It looks great! This is such a good idea, doing a map.
> Can anyone give an instruction on how to do that - like where to look
> for a good map (that is simple enough), how to put the signs in etc. I
> am not very good at searching the web, so please don't just tell me
> "search the web" (smile), I need a little more guidance. Thanks a lot!
> For starters maybe I could do a map of the Philippines and/or one of
> Asia. We will see...
> Nana
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> Thierry Haesenne wrote:
>> I am currently drawing a SignWriting database for different
>> countries in the world...
> Hello Thierry!
> Yes. I see that you have been very busy, adding over 360 signs since
> yesterday into the French-Belgian SignPuddle - wow!
> Thought you would like to see a small portion of a remarkable map,
> with all the states in the country of Colombia written in SignWriting
> by Hector Devia. Hector, we love this map!! This is only the bottom
> portion of it. I hope to post it on the web full size, which is quite
> large. But it would be fun to see a map of Europe with sign-names for
> countries written in SignWriting too...  Val ;-)

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