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Thierry Haesenne thierry.haesenne at ILMH.BE
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Dag Kathleen! 
Mijn Nederlands is zeer schlecht, dus het is beter voor mij, Engels te schrijven ;-)
Maar ik kan het wel begrijpen wanneer het is geschrijft. 
Well, I believe the cities names are the
same all over Belgium, with minor differences. I know there are several variants for "Antwerpen"
and "Gent", which are also used in French-speaking Belgium. The sign for Mechelen (Malines) is
already on the French Belgian Sign Puddle and is the same as the Flemish one. I will soon add a few Walloon
cities to the Sign Puddle.
You know, I understand perfectly well the Kasterlinden signs, as they
differ very little from the signs used by deaf people in Brussels, especially those who attended Berchem
school in the past.
I am ok about adopting the native sign, but the regional sign should also remain
whenever possible. For instance, like you, we have two signs for Germany (Allemagne), one international sign
and one local sign. Same for "Italy", "The Netherlands",
"Poland", "America", and many other signs. So far, I have mostly put the international
signs in my database (not on the Sign Puddle yet), but I will add the regional signs when I will have
checked all the variants with Bruno.
Damien and myself are really looking forward to meeting you soon
in Kasterlinden! 
Kasterlinden Bilinguaal a écrit : 
> Hello Thierry and list, 
> I've seen a lot of signing about you Thierry, and soon we will
meet ;) 
> Meanwhile take as many signs as you want from the Flemish Signpuddle. It was funny to see
signs we created 
> in the French Belgian Signpuddle. :) We'll do the same when you create new signs
in the French Belgian 
> Signpuddle ;) 
> About the signs for the different countries. I can
imagine we also have different signs in the French part 
> of Belgium for Belgian city's. How do you
make a difference between native signs (from the country itself) 
> and local signs (the ones we use
here)? Are you ok with adopting the native sign? Because I think there 
> should be a difference.
Both signs should be saved..Maybe we can make a deal with Signpuddle editors to put 
> native signs
in the international signpuddle? And local signs in our own Signpuddle? 
> For instance: how do you
Sign Mechelen/Malines? 
> This is the Flemish sign. Is it the same in LSFB? 
Greetings Kathleen 
> Au revoir mes amis ;) 
> (I do understand some French ;) Mostly
listening and reading, using it to express myself is a lot harder ;) 
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> Date: Fri,
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> Hello everyone, 
> I am currently
drawing a Sign Writing database for different countries in the world... I still need some 
> signs,
and apart from those I could find on the Sign Puddles, I cannot find : 
> Europe :
Lietchenstein, San Marino, Macedonia 
> Asia : Tadjikistan, Kyrgizstan, Mongolia, Chechnya, Georgia,
> Americas : Salvador, Jamaica 
> Middle-East : Yemen, Oman, Bahrein,
United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras-al-Fujairah, etc.), 
> Africa : Libya + the
Black African countries, ie : Niger, Nigeria, Mali, Botswana, Senegal, Ghana, Ivory 
> Coast, Gabon,
Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Guinea, Swaziland, Mozambique, Namibia, etc. 
> It would be better if
the signs were the national signs used in these countries, if you happen to know 
> them... 
> I will put all the country signs on the French Belgian Sign Puddle when I get some time to
do it... For 
> those who are interested, I managed to get : Qatar, Bhutan, Uzbekistan,
Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, etc. 
> thanks to my travelling... Some signs that will be on the
Sign Puddle will be the signs used in 
> French-speaking Belgium and not those used in these
> So far, I have imported all the relevant signs from the Flemish, French
and French-Swiss Sign Puddles. Hope 
> their authors don't feel that I have been stealing their hard
work!!! Now, I have to put all the signs that 
> Bruno and myself created over the last few weeks
(about 1200 more signs to be added soon...) 
> Thanks a lot, 
> Thierry 
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