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Fri Oct 28 16:49:15 UTC 2005

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October 28, 2005

Thierry Haesenne wrote:
> So far, I have imported all the relevant signs from the Flemish,  
> French and French-Swiss Sign Puddles. Hope their authors don't feel  
> that I have been stealing their hard work!!!  Now, I have to put  
> all the signs that Bruno and myself created over the last few weeks  
> (about 1200 more signs to be added soon...)

Hello Thierry -
I think it is great that you are importing signs from one SignPuddle  
to the other. That is the purpose of the Community SignPuddles ( the  
public ones that we are all using right now) share signs  
together in a public open forum...

Later, we will be offering Private SignPuddles for groups that can  
pay for the tech support and video storage, but that is a totally  
different thing...

The Community SignPuddles will always be a terrific tool for sharing there is no concern about stealing hard work...just  
the sharing our hard work together, we all benefit!

It is great to have you with us!! ;-)

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
Sutton at

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