PHILIPPINES Sign for WORRY and RUB Symbols

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Sat Oct 29 02:13:18 UTC 2005

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October 28, 2005

> That makes sense, but how do I then show that the rubbing is not at  
> the
> same time, but alternating. Both hands touch the temples and rub, but
> while one hand is up the other is down and vice versa. How can I show
> that? Thanks, Nana

Hello Nana!
The Rub symbol means continuous contact in a circle...and you are  
right that the actual direction of the circles is not stated in the  
Rub Symbol itself. But there is another way to show Alternating placing the Alternating Symbol on top...See the attached  
diagram...The Same-Time-Alternating symbol (double curves) over the  
two Rubs states that they rub in opposite direction without stating  
which direction...they simply alternate in different directions...and  
that is enough information I would think for everyday use!

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