Belgium: signs for..?

Thierry Haesenne thierry.haesenne at ILMH.BE
Sun Oct 30 10:08:00 UTC 2005

Hello Kathleen, 
I know the International Sign for Usher. I just put it in your sign Puddle.
However, people in French-Belgium tend to use another sign who looks like "SHORT-SIGHTED"
("SMALL-BOX" in front of the face) 
As for Louisiana and Seattle, I think you can find them
on the ASL Sign Puddle... Helen Keller : no idea...
Greetings, Thierry
Kasterlinden Bilinguaal a
écrit : 
> Hello list, I would like to ask everyone to help me out with something. A dear friend of
mine asked me 
> what the signs are for: -Hellen Keller -Usher -Louisiane -Seattle So I turn to you
:) Who can help 
> me with this? Thank you ;) Greetings Kathleen Gratis bloggen op MSN Spaces 


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