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Sun Oct 30 17:44:07 UTC 2005

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October 30, 2005

Hello Shane and Everyone!
Here are two possible writings of the sign for 11 in Northern Ireland  
Sign Language. I placed them in your SignPuddle, Shane...

I know the fingers rub twice, finishing in an A handshape each  
time...There are actually other ways to write this movement too...

The first example is very simple, showing two rubs and that is  
all...Because this is a number-sign, which is used sooo much,  
simplicity may be a good thing...

The second writing is more accurate. It uses the Finger  
Arrows...which are tiny arrows that combine with the Rub symbol to  
show what direction the finger-rubbing is going in...and it shows the  
finishing position...

I am going to theater with my parents this afternoon...I am very  
fortunate! When I return, I can answer more questions - Have a  
wonderful Sunday everyone!

Hope this helps, Shane?

Val ;-)

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