writing multi-party conversation

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I don't have much experience yet, but we did discuss this topic here on the 
list about a year ago, as several persons neded to do what you do. - In my 
Norwegian book on SignWriting, which is posted as pdf under 'Norway' at the 
SignWriting home site, there is a small dialogue on page 102, lower right. 
There is a larger child at the right, a smaller one at the left, and the two 
are greeting each other and asking names. I used the same way you suggest, 
as was also previously suggested here on the list. I also used eye glances. 
- Good luck with your work,


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>Hi - I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience writing multi-party 
>conversations with SSW. I'm working on linguistic transcripts of naturally 
>occuring conversation/interviews/etc in Nepali Sign Language. I've only 
>done transcripts of single signers so far, to get used to Signwriting. Now 
>I want to start doing these multiparty interactions. Does anyone have any 
>tips about this? I figure that I will have each party's signing going down 
>side-by-side vertical strips (which is nice because I can visually 
>represent overlap and all that). I am writing from the receptive point of 
>view for these transcripts as that seems more suited to what I am working 
>on here (though I agree that expressive makes more sense for personal 
>writing). In most of these conversations the signers are facing one another 
>(and are therefore at 3/4 to the camera). Does it make any sense to 
>represent the way that looks in the sign writing or does it make more sense 
>to write the signs as if the signers were directly facing the camera? Also, 
>I have a lot of home signers in my data, who often incorporate the physical 
>environment in their communication (reaching out to physically manipulate 
>objects, trace on table tops, etc). I don't suppose sign writing has any 
>means of representing contact with external physical objects? If not I can 
>always describe these actions along with the glosses. I think most of these 
>questions will work themselves out as I keep working, but I thought I'd 
>throw some of these questions out there so I won't reinvent the wheel if 
>someone has already worked through all this.
>Quoting Valerie Sutton <sutton at signwriting.org>:
>>SignWriting List
>>August 1, 2006
>>On Jul 20, 2006, Kimberley Shaw wrote:
>>>I've attached a picture of the first run of "ASL Story Book" as it  was 
>>>being assembled! The first 20 copies are spoken for already,  leaving 30 
>>>up for sale to whomever ...Best, Kim
>>Hello Kim!
>>This is very exciting. The ASL Anthology looks great. I can see  several 
>>stories I know. Congrats!
>>Look forward to hearing about your time at Gallaudet this summer -
>>And thanks for this photo of the ASL Anthology while it was being put  
>>together...what fun ;-)

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