Fingerspelling in vertical columns

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Hi Cherie and Val and all,

the SignBank has one irritating twich (I think this is inherent to the 

You have to clikc 'Navigate' to open, and if you close any one window, you 
shut the whole thing down. So amybe this is the reason you har trouble, 


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>SignWriting List
>August 5, 2006
>On Aug 5, 2006, at 6:09 PM, Cherie Wren wrote:
>>I would love to test it.  I got my new computer this
>>weekend, so I can do some work at home, now.  I don't
>>have filemaker at home, I can see if we have it at
>>work.  And depending on how similar it is to the old
>>SignBank-- which I couldn't figure out at all!
>>::smile:: cherie
>Hello Cherie and Everyone!
>That is great. Thank you. But you will need FileMaker 7, or 8 or 8.5  to 
>run SignBank 8. It will not open in any version before FileMaker  7. And 
>SignBank 8 is not on the web yet, because it is not ready yet.
>SignBank has several databases that work side by side. Each database  works 
>differently than the other database because each database has a  different 
>purpose....So we need to start with one database and learn  it, and then go 
>on to the next one and learn it, and so forth...
>The manuals are out of date and have to be re-written, so maybe we  should 
>wait until I have those done, so you won't feel so frustrated  as before. I 
>am afraid it may take me the month of August to complete  the manuals...
>It will also take me the month of August to get donated copies of  
>FileMaker for people...
>I want to complete your one story Jack and Jill with the long credits  and 
>ASL poetry explanation, and make our first PDF from the Document  Maker, 
>and then share it with you.
>So September is going to be the exciting month, but August is just  
>catching up with so many projects half finished ;-)
>Congrats on getting a new computer! What kind did you get?
>And I hope your new school year is going well...
>Val ;-)

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