Fast and Slow Movement

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Wed Aug 9 19:04:42 UTC 2006

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August 9, 2006

On Aug 9, 2006, at 10:50 AM, eghoffma at UMICH.EDU wrote:
> Hi - I was looking through the dynamics and I'm wondering if there  
> are any symbols to represent whether a sign is being performed more  
> slowly than usual? Or more quickly? I see that tension can be  
> represented, but that doesn't quite seem to suit my need here. For  
> example, I'm doing a transcript in which a fluent signer is  
> conversing with a homesigner from a rural area. At the beginning of  
> the conversation he performs a lot of signs more slowly and much  
> bigger than would normally done. Is there a way to convey this?  
> Other than arrows for large straight movements (it is tricky with  
> curved or circular movement, I agree)?

Slow and Fast movement is written quite a both the signs  
themselves and in the Punctuation Symbols that influence entire  
phrases and entire read the chapters in the Lessons in  
SignWriting textbook on both Dynamics and Punctuation

and read this chapter on Dynamics starting here:

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