Availability of Proceedings of the 2nd. Workshop on the Representation and Processing of SL(Genoa2006)?

Antônio Carlos da Rocha Costa rocha at ATLAS.UCPEL.TCHE.BR
Fri Aug 11 16:37:57 UTC 2006


   I think the best to do is to ask Chiara Vettori 
(Chiara.Vettori at eurac.edu), the main workshop organizer.

   In 2004 I had access to the originals of the proceedings. This year 
Chiara organized almost everything herself!

   I'm sure she will be willing to share the electronic version of the 

   All the best,

   Antônio Carlos

machado at softwarelivre.org wrote:

> Hi, list members.
> Does someone in the list has any information about availability of the second
> workshop on SL held together with LREC2006?
> If I remember correctly, 2004 proceedings was made available not much after that
> workshop edition.
> With my best regards in looking forward about such information,
> Machado
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